If you have been reading up on SARMS or have been considering using them, then odds are that you have heard about Testolone aka RAD140.

This poor boy of the SARMS planet has awakened quite a reputation in hardly any time.

Regardless of the fact it is yet to be tested on humans (Phase-1 clinical trials are underway), individuals are utilizing it left, right and center.

Have you any idea why? As it’s very effective.

Even better than LGD-4033 according to some users. And that is no mean accomplishment because g by g, LGD-4033 is much more powerful than pure testosterone.

We’re just waiting to see what those clinical trials on RAD140 throw up.

Meanwhile, if you were curious about what you could expect from your very first Testolone cycle, then here’s a brief primer that we’ve been able to collate based only on anecdotal reviews.

RAD140 Increases Energy — Week 1 Onwards

Right from the very first week of this cycle, many users experience increased energy and mental clarity.

It is like such a feeling of being able to go on for longer without getting worn out. Be it at work or in class, you are going to feel more confident.

If you’re going through brain fog, then RAD140 just type of wipes it clean.

Initially we attributed this to placebo. But we have been hearing this consistently from numerous users. So we’ve got a reason to feel that this might be a ‘feel decent ‘ SARM, just like Dianabol in the AAS world.

Testolone Provides You Pumps — Week 3 Onwards

SARMs Results: Complete Rundown (2019) | Pumping Iron Store

In case you have utilized Ligandrol, then you’ll know how the fullness begins to kick by week two. A lot of people like this and use LGD purely for your own pumps.

Nonetheless, it’s like a wet-gain compound in which the muscles look engorged, as though they’re full of water.

With Testolone, you get the pumps minus the water retention.

Your shoulders, traps and biceps will just blow up and seem like they’re double the size. Just, you are not holding as much water as LGD.

It is a very aesthetic compound. Perfect for women, fitness models and the likes. If you’re aiming for the imitation natty look on Instagram, you have just found your ticket to glory.

RAD140 Enhances Libido — Week 1- 5

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For the first couple weeks of your Testolone cycle, you will be like a horny teenager ready to make love to anything that goes.

The libido spike can also be one reason that increases the feel-good character of this chemical.

However, this will be short-lived and will vanish as the suppression kicks in following week 5 or 4.

Testolone Boosts Power — Week 3 Into 8

If we were to rate all SARMS on the basis of’strength gains’,” Testolone would top the list.

The power gains are rather dramatic. In fact, the general consensus among the fitness area seems to be that LGD is the go-to compound for bulk whereas RAD is the one for strength.

In any case, you don’t gain a lot of mass on RAD. So it’s similar to the Winstrol of the SARMS world. Will make you more powerful and faster when allowing you to keep away from pesky glares.

Lean Muscle — Week 3 to 8

Testolone (RAD140) - What to expect from a Testolone cycle [Video]

Don’t get mislead into thinking that Testolone isn’t successful for bulking. Provided that you are eating in excess, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the ability to gain up to 10 pounds. Of mass in an 8-week cycle.

Moreover, as it is a dry gains chemical, you will not lose a large chunk of the weight post cycle.

If you do a mild PCT using Nolva or even Clomid or some other SERM that you prefer, you should have the ability to keep at least 70% of these gains.

There are people who have done a dirty bulk with RAD and gained as much as 20 lbs. in 8-weeks.

But if you’re seeking to acquire clean, eat only above maintenance and don’t skip the cardio.

Vascularity — Week 3 to 8

Testolone Review: Effects, Dosage, Results | Where To Get Pure RAD ...

Along with the pumps, Testolone makes you really vascular. It brings even the most dormant veins in your body to life.

This is exactly what makes consumers compare it using Winstrol. It hardens you up, makes you vascular and gives you insane pumps without worrying about losing your hair or shrinking your nuts.

Testolone Promotes Fat Loss — Week 4 to 8

S23 SARM: The Truth Revealed - The Best Review Inside [2019]

Testolone could possibly be among the only SARMS that has a direct correlation with lipolysis. There aren’t any scientific claims to back this up.

But most anecdotal reviews discuss the way that it trims you down in the waist, and that’s where guys maintain the most stubborn fat.

Club it using a calorie deficit and you should be able to do a mini recomp very quickly.

Some users have also begun to stack RAD140 with Nutrobal to improve the effectiveness of this stack. And by what we’ve discovered, it is very effective in human body recomposition.

RAD140 Can Lead to Suppression — Week 5 to 8

It is often mentioned that Testolone is among the most suppressive SARMS.

Well, for what it’s worth, there are customers who get suppressed by 70 percent on a moderate cycle of Ostarine.

Sarms are suppressive. Period.

The suppression may hit you pretty bad.

However, it might also be that you won’t believe it as much as say your buddy felt it.

It’s different strokes for different people.

Simply do your pre-cycle bloodwork and once after you complete your final dose.

That should provide you an notion of how bad it had been. If necessary, hop on into a mild PCT.

Testolone May Cause Kidney Pain — Week 7 to 8

Some customers have reported severe lower back pain on Testolone. This normally kicks in towards the end of the cycle also seems to be dose-dependent.

However, should you experience this, then check the color of your urine.

If it’s too dark, it can have to do with your kidney. Either back off a bit or merely stop the cycle for a few weeks.

As of now, there’s absolutely no sufficient data or logs which may establish a negative correlation between RAD140 and kidney values.

You may also want to consider adding an OTC on-cycle support drug-like N2Guard. Also, throw in some NAC and TUDCA while you’re at it.

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