If you are like me and constantly looking for the best muscle building stack to incorporate into your routine, this guide is an essential read.

Now, I am not talking about muscle building stacks that will just empty your wallet. You’ll find lots of sites promoting useless supplements that don’t do anything.

We are here to talk about a combination of products which will really help build lean muscle mass. The best part is- they are legal!

And guess what?

This report tells you all about the best muscle building stack on the market right now.


They are a new and advanced nutritional supplement company. These guys actually do things a little different than most supplement companies.

They come out with supplements that really work!

I’ve put together a top 3 of their greatest muscle building stacks available at the moment.

Let us start off using the WAR Stack. It includes the following goods:

This stack contains Phytodrol and Mtor-RX because they are regarded as the very best natural muscle building supplements.

The active ingredient in both these products are very hard to supply and Enhanced Athlete is one of the few companies to stock them.

You will find that Phyodrol and MTor-RX are the basic of every muscle building stack within this report. The motive for this is they WORK.

Besides these 2 products, the WAR stack also includes the RAGE Pre workout. It’s a clinically dosed pre-workout which has a great stimulant mix which includes DMHA.

I’ve tried a variety of pre-workouts such as Pre Jym and Pre kaged but found Rage to be the strongest. It is good for getting pumps and concentrate in the gym.

If you aren’t quite sure what these products do make sure to keep reading. I’ll explain everything in the end of the article.


Next up on our list of best muscle building stacks is your Elite Natty Stack.

The Elite Natty Stack is a fantastic muscle building stack if you’re trying to make gains whilst on a budget.

If you’re serious about enhancing performance I strongly suggest giving this pile a try.

Instead of the Rage pre-workout, this stack contains Epimuscle. If you aren’t a fan of pre-workouts subsequently the Elite Natty Stack offers a fantastic choice.


The Ultimate Natty heap is undoubtedly among the best muscle building piles.

Its composed of 6 distinct dietary supplements:




Blue Ox Test Booster

Arachidonic Acid


Each and each of these supplements contain ingredients which have been scientifically shown to help with building muscle.

What do you expect from this stack?

Increased lean muscle mass

Increased stamina

Increased general functionality

Reduced fatigue

Faster Recovery

I have tried so many distinct products throughout the years and found these to be the best at building muscle and strength.


In case you are not familiar with any of these products, allow me to clarify why they belong to the very best muscle building stacks.


This ingredient has proven to boost exercise capacity in several studies.

Remedy for 7 days with Epi afforded a bilateral increase in hand potency of 7% which was accompanied with a substantial increase (49.2 ± 16.6 percent ) in the ratio of plasma follistatin/myostatin levels (data not shown).

As I said, these supplements actually work. No hyped up marketing, only facts backed up with science. Take a look at the research done on this product and you’ll start to know why it belongs to the very best muscle building pile around.


This item includes Laxogenin. Most of you will know 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin as the plant analgesic. It is said to have similar consequences as the steroid named Winstrol despite being 100% legal and natural.

Studies demonstrated that Laxogenin managed to increase protein synthesis. We all know how significant protein synthesis is when it comes to building muscle tissue.

The anabolic effects of phytodrol are a total match changer, hence why it’s been added to this popular muscle building stack.


It comprises Phosphatidic Acid which is naturally found in different food sources.

The main reason Phosphatdic Acid has been added to this muscle building pile is due to it’s amazing muscle building properties.

Topics that took 750mg of a Phosphatidic Acid Supplement daily had a 12.7% growth in squat strength as well as a whopping 2.6% growth in Lean Body Mass

The Blue Ox isn’t anything like your normal testosterone booster. I have yet to find a test booster which beats the Blue Ox.

The Blue Ox test booster comprises over 9 different ingredients, including


Tribulus Terrestris

Tongkat Ali

It has the ability that will help you raise testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays an essential role in the muscle building process. More testosterone, more profits.

Where do I even start with this particular product? Seriously, it is one of the very underrated products.

The majority of people don’t understand the science behind Arachidonic acid. In the event you aren’t familiar with this item, it speeds up muscle healing and reduces fatigue.

It’s an advanced muscle builder but the majority of people do not realize how it can be good for muscle gains.

If you are serious about lifting weights and gaining size I certainly recommend adding this product in your supplement regime.


This is by far one of my own favorite products. What it does is that it helps shuttle carbs into your muscle.

By doing so, it is going to allow you to increase muscle fullness and increase. It will also help enhance fat loss and reduce insulin reaction.

As you can see, I’ve done research on all of the active ingredients found in those piles and also have come to the conclusion that they are the best muscle building piles.

What I like about these piles is they are affordable, powerful and 100% organic.

That’s right, you won’t need to worry about any crazy unwanted effects or things like this. Essentially, these are bodybuilding supplements which work like steroids.

If you’re searching for a muscle building stack to help take your advancement into another level, I highly suggest checking out these.

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