Some popular bodybuilding blogs claim S23 is a drug that offers the same strength gains and fat loss as steroids with no nasty side effects–but they are downright wrong! S23 is an unapproved drug having a severe possibility of injury. Keep reading to understand its risks and side effects.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend against using this medication since its consequences and safety are unknown. Proper clinical trials are completely lacking. Thus, we are presenting the available data from the scientific and clinical literature with the intent of helping readers understand the dangers involved.

What’s S23?

S23 is a member of a new class of medications known as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARM). SARMs mimic testosterone by binding to hormone receptors in specific parts of the body.

Similar to testosterone and other SARMs, researchers hypothesized that S23 aims the bone and muscle cells to promote muscle growth and bone health. Some blogs cite animal studies where S23 decreased the magnitude of the prostate. However, clinical trials are completely lacking to back up any of these claims.

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In reality, the”SARMs selectivity concept” might be wholly false. It has never been shown, also SARMs enjoy S23 never passed proper clinical trials. SARMs may turn out to be much more hazardous than previously believed.

S23 is becoming increasingly popular in the bodybuilding community. It is allegedly effective at increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat while having minimal side effects. But, S23 can deplete testosterone levels, which requires users to desire unapproved post-cycle treatment (PCT).

This SARM has attracted strong interest for its potential to be used as male birth control. In rats, S23 led to infertility in 100% of the cases. The triggered infertility was temporary and may be completely reversed after stopping the medication.

Studies have researched the use of S23 for increasing sexual motivation in girls. Other potential uses include preventing muscle loss and increasing bone density.

It’s very important to be aware that S23 hasn’t been studied in people and is not approved for human use. Currently, all of SARMs are banned in professional sports by the World Anti-Doping Agency.



  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Decreases fat mass
  • An expected male birth control
  • May raise bone strength
  • May increase female sexual motivation


  • Unapproved drug
  • No individual studies
  • Unknown short- and long-term dangers
  • Testosterone Infection
  • Testicle shrinkage
  • Unknown toxicity and safety
  • High potential for harm
  • Illegal medication interactions

How Can S23 Work?

SARMs are known to bind to androgen receptors in the bones and muscles while only slightly influencing the prostate and other cells. Various SARMs are thought to have different levels of selectivity (based on their chemical structure). Their selectivity hasn’t been shown in humans.

Cell studies have proven that S23 builds very strong bonds with androgen receptors, making S23 among the most potent SARMS currently available.

The activity of S23 on bones and muscles is more complex. In general, when a SARM binds to an androgen receptor it raises the action of enzymes that make muscle proteins. Activated receptors can also send signals to increase the activity of bone-building cells.

The contraceptive effects of S23 are due to its ability to curb FSH and LH, two important hormones for making sperm. But this effect disappears at higher doses.

The half-life of all S23 in male rats is 11.9 hours. When taken by mouth, ~96% of S23 is absorbed and amounts peak following 4 hours. Its absorption in humans is unknown.

Potential Uses of S23

S23 is a research compound. So far, no human studies on the use of S23 are printed.

Therefore, we do not understand how dangerous this substance could be. Its effectiveness in humans can also be unknown. This means that it has a higher possibility of harm and should be avoided at all costs.

S23 SARM Review: The Strongest SARM For insane Muscle Growth

Effects on Reduce Muscle & Body Fat

S23’s popularity stems from users claiming it could build lean muscle mass and burn fat, similar to steroids. These claims are entirely ungrounded, though, since clinical studies on S23 are nonexistent.

In a study on rats, S23 decreased the average body fat and fat mass. To market mating, the rats were given an estrogen (estradiol benzoate), which causes muscle loss. S23 managed to reevaluate the effects of estrogen and increase lean muscle mass.

S23 reduces fat in a dose-dependent manner, higher doses melting more fat.

In another rat study, S23 prevented muscle loss from glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are commonly utilized anti-inflammatory medications, but their long-term usage can cause significant muscle loss. S23 could conserve the magnitude of fast-twitch (electricity) and slow-twitch (endurance) muscles after long term glucocorticoids.

Male Birth Control

Researchers are putting in significant efforts to develop the”male pill”, looking for a chemical that would be equally safe and effective. S23 shows promise as a contraceptive pill for men because it can suppress hormones (FSH and LH) which are important for sperm production.

When S23 was provided to male rats, it generated extremely reduced sperm counts, which resulted in a 100% infertility rate. After stopping S23, sperm counts returned to normal. As a result, rats stopped mating with 100% pregnancy prices. Importantly, this highlights the contraceptive effects of S23 are temporary.

Interestingly, the powerful birth control dose of S23 is quite narrow. High levels of S23 had a reverse effect and affirmed sperm production. Rats receiving the maximum dose had sperm counts like untreated rats.

Though S23 was given through injections within this study, it might also be devised as a tablet computer. Additional studies reveal that S23 pills are well absorbed.

Bone Strength

Sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen are crucial players for keeping healthy, strong bones. Postmenopausal women produce very little estrogen and therefore are especially vulnerable to bone diseases like osteoporosis. While enhancing bone mineralization is crucial, increasing muscle mass is every bit as vital for preventing bone fractures and hastening to heal.

SARMs like S23 may offer exceptional bone health benefits thanks to their dual action: sparking bone-building cells and increasing muscle strength. In animal research, S23 improved bone mineral density and muscle mass.

Contrary to its effects on fertility, S23 increases bone density independent of the dose — low and high doses offering equivalent protection.

Female Sexual Motivation

The natural decrease in sex hormones after menopause decreases sexual desire and arousal in women. A serious lack of sexual motivation is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which is typically treated with testosterone. However, testosterone may boost cardiovascular disease and breast cancer risk.

S23 can raise sexual desire without testosterone-like risks. In a study on postmenopausal rats, many SARMs could increase sexual activity. S23 specifically increased sexual motivation when keeping the size of the uterus and uterine lining.

S23 Reviews for Bodybuilding

S23 fully lacks clinical study. Not one of the conducted animal research can be used to assess if S23 works and how dangerous it could be. According to the existing data, its consequences are unknown and its potential to cause injury is high.

Here we outlined the available testimonials and feedback from online communities with the endeavor to additionally warn people about the dangers of taking this unapproved drug.

Notice: All of the information below is anecdotal and based only on the private experiences of S23 users. We can not attest to its accuracy. We also can’t state to what extent these encounters are influenced by other SARMs or distinct drugs/supplements taken at exactly the same moment. And lastly, we are far from sure about the actual content and caliber of S23 in numerous products users bought online.

The popularity of SARMs is increasing from the bodybuilding community despite a lack of safety study. Without the drawbacks of steroids, SARMs are extremely appealing appearance enhancers. S23 is no exception and has a reputation as one of the strongest SARMs available on the market.

S23 is used to attain a chiseled, hardened look that is sought later in bodybuilding competitions. A favorite strategy is to include S23 close to the conclusion of the training cycle to reach a competitive physique.

Some customers report stacking S23 by mixing it with different SARMs. Stacking several unapproved drugs (e.g. S23 and other SARMs) collectively is a dangerous practice. It raises the capacity for injury because the effects, side effects, and interactions of these drugs have not been investigated. The long term dangers are even less certain.

Many testimonials complement S23 because of its effectiveness. Numerous users compare it to high doses of steroids such as Winstrol (stanozolol) and Anavar (oxandrolone). They say S23 can also prevent muscle loss during calorie deficient cutting cycles.

On the downside, a lot of users state S23 can induce”roid-rage” like testosterone. According to some, it causes baldness and darkens the urine.

Users agree that PCT (post-cycle treatment ) is essential following S23 due to its testosterone suppressing effects. To avoid testosterone shutdown, many users take PCT (Clomid or Nolvadex) to restore hormone.

There is no safe or efficient S23 dosage since S23 is an unapproved drug that hasn’t yet been studied in people.

Most bodybuilding websites say men accept 10 — 30 mg/day split into two doses daily, assuming that S23 includes a relatively short half-life of 12 h. Such dosages are composed based on dangerous self-experiments and anecdotes. Taking any amount of S23 carries serious risks.

Thus we highly recommend against using this drug. Speak with your physician about lifestyle modifications or accepted therapies to realize your goals rather.

S23 Side Effects, Safety, and Limitations

Side Effects

The side effects of S23 are unknown. No clinical studies are carried out. This drug has serious potential for harm. Taking could be extremely dangerous because its security profile hasn’t yet been researched.

Information about the negative effects of S23 from animal research is sparse and can’t be used to draw any conclusions.

In 1 study, S23 decreased FSH, LH, and testosterone levels. Testosterone suppression led to reduced testicle and prostate size in rats. Testicle size returned to normal by stopping S23, but prostate size remained smaller.

Anecdotal evidence from consumer testimonials points to additional side effects. Greater aggression like”roid rage” can be anticipated along with darker pee. There are a couple of reports of baldness, which is important because other SARMs generally spare the hair follicles.

The largest side effect from a bodybuilding perspective would be the entire depletion of testosterone within the body. It requires users to require post-cycle therapy.


The security of S23 in humans hasn’t been established. S23 is a dangerous, unapproved drug with serious potential for harm. Its brief – and long-term unwanted effects are unknown.

Recent research also cautions users when purchasing SARMs online. A recent analysis found that of 44 SARM goods sold online only about half actually contained SARMs. In addition, another 39% contained unapproved drugs, 25% contained materials not listed on the tag, and 9% contained no active material at all.

Limitations and Caveats

The present study on S23 is constrained. Only a few animal and cellular studies have been performed. Among these studies, the long-term effects of S23 have not been assessed.

More study is required, particularly in humans, before S23’s safety and effectiveness can be assessed.

Right now, the effects and security of S23 are unknown.

We highly recommend against taking this drug. Speak with your physician about accepted remedies for attaining your objectives.

S23 vs. Other SARMs

S23 has been called the strongest SARM available on the market. This is not supported by research

Ostarine and LGD-4033 are also popular high-powered SARMs for bodybuilding. Cell studies show S23 includes a greater binding strength than Ostarine and a similar binding power to LGD-4033. But, other factors play into their potency and more research is needed for a trusted comparison.

Users suggest that S23 is comparable to Ostarine and LGD-4033 when it comes to muscle gain and fat loss. Reports of negative effects are similar, though S23 appears to trigger more testosterone shut down. Based on reviews, what sets S23 apart is the way it hastens the body to produce increased muscle detail.

S23 Dosage

There is no safe or efficient S23 dose because S23 is an unapproved drug that has not been studied in people.

Dosing data from animal research (S23 doses broadly ranged from 0.01 mg/day to 3 mg/day for rats through injections or by mouth) can’t be extrapolated to humans.

Unofficial dosages commonly utilized in bodybuilders range from 10 — 30 mg/day, generally split into 2 due to S23’s half-life of 12h. However, this drug clearance rate is based on animal research and is likely not true in humans.

Users have reported utilizing S23 for up to 8 weeks, usually as part of cutting edge cycles.

Additionally, users who buy SARMs online hazard getting products that don’t contain the active ingredients or which contain other harmful compounds. Even if these products did comprise S23, which is highly unlikely, taking them could be extremely dangerous and also the results unknown.


Since many user reviews talk about S23 as a potent SARM, clinical studies are entirely lacking to ascertain its safety or efficacy in people. Just two or three animal studies have been carried out.

Testosterone suppression from S23 is still possible–in actuality, it might be more likely than with some other SARMs.

Without clinical information, S23 remains a dangerous and unapproved substance.

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